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Performing Arts

Performing Arts – Key Stage 3


At Brayton Academy, Drama supports the English Curriculum in the delivery of reading, writing (analysis and evaluation) and speaking skills. Our scheme of work aims to draw on the skills and techniques of past and contemporary practitioners to develop an understanding of the world around us. We aspire to provide a space where students can explore challenging themes in a safe classroom environment.

The aims of the of drama department are:

  • Create individuals who are able to build on skills such as resilience, commitment, self-confidence, peer engagement, problem solving, communication, teamwork and leadership.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to participate in extra-curricular activities and be given the opportunity to go see live theatre.
  • Develop students to become more compassionate, make better and more conscious decisions and develop an emotional understanding when exploring text and characters.
  • Provide students with the confidence to approach a wide range of public speaking.
  • Promote a world view using drama as a tool to explore social, political and religious surroundings, providing students with a platform to discuss, rehearse, perform and share their findings


Year 7

In year 7, all students have one lesson a week and develop basic drama skills and techniques, whilst exploring a range of themes such as parental & friend relationships, bullying, acceptance and inclusion among everyone, respecting one another and understanding the emotional aspects of relationships with family and peers.

Year 8

Drama is currently not offered in Year 8

Year 9

In year 9, students can opt to take drama as a pre-option and receive two lessons per week, usually in a block. The pre-GCSE course focuses on developing and building the students’ enjoyment of Drama, whilst teaching building on prior knowledge and teaching them a range of new skills and techniques to stretch and challenge. Students will explore practitioner’s methods and how these can be used in performance through devised and script work.

Performing Arts Carousel, the study of Music may take place at Brayton Academy’s discretion. Please see Music intent for further details. 

Performing Arts – Key Stage 4


GCSE Drama provides students the ability to excel when challenged, have compassion and develop an emotional understanding when exploring text and characters, and have the courage to approach a wide range of public speaking with confidence. The impact of GCSE Drama is to create individuals who are able to build on skills such as: Communication, teamwork, dialogue, negotiation, socialisation, imagination, creativity, empathy and critical thinking.

GCSE in Drama will allow you to go on to study Drama and/or Theatre Studies at A Level at further education colleges such as York College. This provides the range of skills necessary for careers in or outside of the theatre such as Law, Teaching, and Industry.


Students will be provided with 6 hours of lesson time a week.

The course consists of three components; Component 1: Set Text (40%) which is a written exam taken at the end of May, Component 2: Devising (40%) which is NEA and internally assessed in the autumn term and Component 3: Texts in practice (20%) which is externally assessed in the spring term.