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At Brayton Academy, we recognise the importance of mathematics as a life skill in society and industry, as well as a beautiful and elegant subject in its own right.

We have carefully sequenced the foundational skills to be consistently developed throughout pupils’ time at school, to provide students with the fluency they need to tackle problems confidently.

Our curriculum is grounded in using assessment to identify where students are and builds up knowledge securely to ensure no gaps are left. Our expectations are very high; we expect pupils to take pride in their work, to complete homework to a high standard, bring a positive attitude to the classroom and always strive to be their best. This goes hand-in-hand with helping students to develop a love of learning maths by supporting them to be successful at every step through expert teaching. We believe that all students have the potential to learn maths to a high level when we take this approach.

  • Create an atmosphere where ALL students feel comfortable to give their all to learning maths without being scared of making mistakes.
  • Open ALL students’ eyes to the real world transferable skills that maths equips them with and the opportunities that arise from this.
  • Encourage ALL students to further develop their resilience skills with a determined mind-set when approaching new material and problem-solving tasks.
  • Eliminate any fear of maths through meeting ALL students at their level and supporting them to be successful.


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