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Local Review Board

I would like to welcome you to Brayton Academy and its Local Review Board (“LRB”). Brayton Academy is in Selby. It is a 11-16 secondary academy which is rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

The LRB is formed from co-opted members who have skills which aids the Governance of the Academy, Parents, and members of staff. The purpose of the LRB is to provide oversight, challenge and support of the Academy including reviewing the Academy’s progress against its improvement plan, student attainment and how it engages with students, parents, staff, and the wider community.

The LRB formally meets at least 6 times in the academic year and considers Academy standards, the quality of provision, admissions and exclusions, financial and premises management of the Academy including Health & Safety and the use of ICT.

As part of evaluating the academic provision provided, the LRB considers academy targets and performance, leadership and outcome and the Academy’s Curriculum.

In addition to its formal meetings, LRB members come into the Academy and speak with staff and students about their perception of the Academy, meet with Ofsted when they come into the Academy and sit on exclusion and complaints panels.

Jamie Webb-Fryer – Chair of Brayton Academy LRB



Jamie Webb-Fryer

Jamie’s early career was in the military as a qualified teacher. This included taking responsibility for an outstanding Ofsted review of the Army’s apprenticeship provision. Since leaving the military he has worked with Awarding organisations including responsibility for Governance, Regulation, Compliance and quality assurance. Jamie is Chair of the LRB.

Sarah Forrest

Sarah is a Children’s social worker with Kirklees local authority. She works alongside schools in a multi-agency setting as a service manager with the Council and wants to have a positive impact on the academy for it to continue to develop and excel for the children who attend and the wider community.

Wellington Ncube

Wellington is a teaching staff member of the LRB. Prior to beginning his teaching career, Wellington worked in accountancy and has skills in financial planning, recruitment of staff, decision making and project management, community engagement, leadership and communication skills.

Roger Riley

Roger is a retired teacher. He is a Trustee of the Selby United Charities and is Treasurer of Selby Abbey. His role as an LRB member allows him to continue his interest in the education of young people to improve the chances of students at Brayton Academy.