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Key Stage 3


At Brayton Academy we believe that Geography is a dynamic, diverse and exciting subject that allows pupils to learn about and explore the fascinating world in which we live. From climate change to sustainability, we recognise that Geography is relevant to everyday life and therefore pupils can relate to and engage with the wide variety of topics we study. We continuously aim to challenge their perspectives of what the world is like and why. Geography is a key subject in terms of inter-connecting the human and physical world. We have extremely high expectations from all our pupils and support them to achieve the best they can through hard work, resilience and the desire to succeed.

The aims of the Geography Department are:

  • To enable all pupils to increase their knowledge and understanding of geographical systems, develop new skills and make good progress in all areas
  • Ensure all pupils have a greater understanding of their own sense of place on a local, regional and global scale
  • Make geography an exciting and relevant subject which pupils can relate to by bringing the subject to life through geographical enquiry
  • To continuously review and create stimulating, interesting and exciting lessons which pupils enjoy and engage in, where they are active learners who are in control
  • We aim to use the language of resilience that allows pupils to gain confidence in a safe learning environment and learning from their mistakes

Year 7

In Year 7 we teach Geography once a week. We aim to offer pupils a range of different topics whilst incorporating skill development that will help them in other areas. The curriculum delivers a wide range of topics encompassing human, physical and environmental geography; as well as enquiry and real case studies. Students will be assessed at the Academies calendared assessment points when they will sit a summative assessment covering content to date. They will also have formative assessments for each topic of leaning.

Year 9

Students have two Geography lessons a week as part of their Pre-Option. The geography department seeks to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the topics studied at GCSE to get a ‘taster’ of what the course entails. We dig a little deeper into geographical issues and explore wider topics that connected directly to the GCSE. We feel that this gives our pupils a deeper understanding of the issues that matter most. Students conduct a geographical enquiry, testing their own hypothesis. Students are assessed regularly with end of unit summative assessments taken form past GCSE papers and formative assessments in line with the academies marking policy.

Key Stage 4


The GCSE specification in geography aims to provide the opportunity for students to understand more about the world, the challenges it faces and their place within it. The GCSE course will deepen understanding of geographical processes and enables students to build on their key stage 3 knowledge and skills including:

  • Developing and extending their knowledge of locations, places, environments and processes at different scales
  • Gaining an understanding of the interactions between people and environments
  • Developing and extending their competence in a range of skills including those used in fieldwork, in using maps and in researching secondary evidence. Plus developing their competence in applying enquiry and investigative approaches to questions and hypotheses
  • Applying geographical knowledge, understanding, skills and approaches to real world contexts, including fieldwork, and to contemporary situations and issues; and develop well-evidenced arguments drawing on their geographical knowledge and understanding.

Geography empowers young people to become globally and environmentally informed and thoughtful, enquiring citizens.

Year 10

In year 10 we teach Geography three times a week. The GCSE begins on a formal level. The course is delivered over 2 years. Time is spent developing the skills of pupils and helping them to make connections between topics. Homework is set weekly and comprises of exam questions and knowledge tests.

Year 11

In year 11 we continue to teach Geography three times a week with timetables Period 7’s for targeted intervention. We aim to complete the delivery of content for the Geography GCSE with time to support pupils with exam technique and skills. Homework is set every week in the form of exam questions taken from past GCSE papers.

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